Israeli Phone Plans for Travel

With airplanes taking off again into the open skies, and people venturing out into a life of travel and vacations once more, this upcoming year is going to be a fun one.

Israel has excitedly begun to open its skies for travel, and not only for citizens, but tourists too! Soon enough, the holy streets of Jerusalem, the colorful nightlife of Tel Aviv, and the sandy beaches of Eilat will be filled with people from all over the world. Finally!

 airplanes taking off again

In Israel, we have been waiting eagerly for our country to fill up with the people who support and love the land just as much as we do!

Over here, so much of life has already returned to normal, thanks to our country’s successful effort in its vaccination campaign, allowing us to bring Israel back to life again. Malls are open for shopping, movie theaters are filled with popcorn once more, and the streets are vibrant with all the different faces of Israel.

If you are planning a trip to Israel in the near future, figuring out all of the details can be a bit overwhelming at times, especially with all of the new regulations in place.

But some things don’t have to leave you overthinking, worrying, and guessing!

When it comes to cell phone plans abroad, #Israelphones has you covered, as one of the top cell phone plan providers for travelers in Israel.

With so many different types of travelers looking for the perfect phone plan, #Israelphones has an Israel phone plan just for you. Whether you are traveling for business and needing international calls abroad, coming for a quick visit to see family, or spending the year in Israel as an overseas student, we will make sure you receive exactly what you are looking for! With our speedy and English-speaking customer support, together we will find a plan that meets your needs.

Here is a quick overview of our packages:

· Prepaid Israeli SIM card- through our prepaid #SIM card package, you receive an Israeli SIM card through our partners at #Cellcom Israel. It lasts for up to 12 months. The best part? You load your minutes as you go! No need to commit.

· 29$ Prepaid Plan- with our Enjoy Israel package, you receive unlimited calls and texts within Israel, in addition to 500 minutes to the US, Canada, the UK, and 250 minutes to Australia. Enjoy 30 GB of data with this plan.

· Remote Work Package- need to settle down and work while you are here? For just 39$, receive unlimited called and texts within Israel, 500+ minutes abroad to various countries, and 50 GB of data.

For more information on each plan, or for direct contact with our customer support, click here.

Navigating Israel cell phone plans in English doesn’t have to be hard or complicated.

With the many options you can choose from with #Israelphones, and the ease of our top customer support in English, finding the perfect phone plan for your travels can be easy and stress free!