Hebrew Slang words you NEED to know before you come to Israel

OK, your coming to Israel, BUT do you know the latest Hebrew slang words?

Nothing like a chance to refresh our list of Hebrew slang words, right?

Sababa - סבבה

Arabic slang for good, great. You will probably hear any Israeli use this word at some point or other, most definitely on a daily basis.

Nu - נו

Nu is, in fact, a Yiddish term, used to hurry someone up. In Israeli culture, as you probably would assume- this word is used by everyone.

Yalla - יאללה

Another Arabic slang word, much like the Yiddish word Nu, is used to hurry someone up.

Ahi - אחי

Ahi means "my brother" in Hebrew, and used in many different connotations, such as an army lingo, or just in casual talk amongst friends.

Ahla - אחלה

Ahla means great. In the old days, people used to say Ahla Bahla. If you use that term nowadays, people will probably view you as an Israeli Boomer.

Salamtak - סלמנטק

Salamtak is a Hebrew slang word that basically means very well, or good, or perfect, depending on the sentence or its context.

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